Poetry is safe haven for troubled minds and distorted visions. It is the only sane space in chaotic times. The celebration of poetry is the affirmation of our faith in humanity. Poetry, the language of the civilized society is once again blossoming, and we must give our all to nurture its growth Delhi Poetry Festival, since its inception in 2013, is committed to create the space for poetic expression and to usher in the winds of change. The festival is equipped to showcase varied hues of poetry in all its splendour.

To celebrate the nuances of this craft in its multiple genres, Delhi Poetry Festival, in its 5th edition will set the ball rolling for poetry extravaganza in the sprawling campus of IIT Delhi from 23th to 25th Feb 2018.
Delhi Poetry Festival promises to live up the expectations of its followers by presenting an impressive array of performances, speakers and thinkers





From the Founder’s Desk

As we gear up for Delhi Poetry Festival season 5, there is an observation that overwhelms me. Poetry has come of age. It has evolved and taken place firmly in the hearts and souls of millions.

What was considered niche, only confined to the elite until a few years ago, has now found its way to mainstream. We feel happy to have done our bit by way of promoting and popularising poetry.
We have come a long way – poetry has come a long way! It’s heartening to see that poetry has so many takers and I believe there is still positivity left in these bleak times
As a standalone multilingual festival, Delhi Poetry Festival has managed to achieve what poetry as a small part of large literary festivals, could not. It has managed to get people interested in poetry and poetry related arts.
Delhi is about languages, Delhi is about culture and Delhi is about history and heritage. We, at Delhi Poetry Festival celebrate all facets of the city through poetry.
Delhi Poetry Festival is committed to preserve the poetic and cultural legacy of Delhi. We owe it to the city that has seen several dynasties, some ruled by poets themselves, that its heritage and legacy is celebrated.
And we owe it to all of you – all the poetry lovers, to keep doing our best to keep the flag of poetry flying high.

– Dolly Singh, Founder & Chairperson


Ashok Chakradhar

    Vishal Bhardwaj

      Danish Iqbal

        Jasbir Jassi

          Swanand Kirkire

            Rabbi Shergill

              Rekha Bhardwaj

                Keki Daruwalla

                  Kanwaljit Singh

                    Jitendra Srivastava

                      Madan Gopal Singh

                        Meenakshi Jijivisha

                          Meeran Borwankar

                            Mona Verma

                              Pavan Varma

                                Prof V Ramgopal Rao

                                  Rakhshanda Jalil

                                    Rashmi Agarwal

                                      Richa Anirudh

                                        Salim Arif

                                          Shabri Prasad Singh

                                            Shalini Shrinet

                                              Rene Singh

                                                S M Khan

                                                  Sujata Parashar

                                                    Sukrita Paul Kumar

                                                      Gauhar Raza

                                                        Laxmi Shankar Bajpai

                                                          Manglesh Dabral

                                                            Saurav Sharma

                                                              Sunita Shanoo

                                                                Vandana Yadav


                                                                  12 PM - 2 PM
                                                                  IPL Semi finals
                                                                  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM
                                                                  5.00 PM - 6.00 PM
                                                                  Inaugural - Founder's Welcome Address, Lamp Lighting by Chief Guest Mr. S M Khan and Keynote Address by Sh. Ashok Chakradhar
                                                                  6.30 PM - 8.00 PM
                                                                  Tere Ishq Nachaya - Bulleh Shah. A Sufi performance by Rashmi Agarwal
                                                                  10.30 AM - 12.00 PM
                                                                  YourQuote Open Mic
                                                                  12.00 PM - 1.15 PM
                                                                  ConVerse - Swanand Kirkire in talks with Richa Anirudh
                                                                  1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
                                                                  Sufi Rock Performance by Vatsal & Yashvir Saxena
                                                                  2.00 PM - 2.45 PM
                                                                  Performance Poetry by Sunil Bhandari and Tanuja Bhandari
                                                                  3.00 PM - 3.45 PM
                                                                  Raat Akeli Hai - Conversation moderated by Sujata Parashar with Meeran Borwankar, Mona Verma, Shabri Prasad and Shalini Shrinet
                                                                  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM
                                                                  YourQuote Open Mic
                                                                  5.15 PM - 6.00 PM
                                                                  YourQuote Open Mic
                                                                  6.15 PM - 7.00 PM
                                                                  YourQuote Open Mic
                                                                  4.00 PM - 4.45 PM
                                                                  ConVerse - Ghalib to Gulzar - Timeless & Universal Appeal - Pavan Varma & Sukrita Paul in conversation with Salim Arif
                                                                  5.00 PM - 6.00 PM
                                                                  HumourRas - Satirical Poems in Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi
                                                                  6.15 PM - 7.15 PM
                                                                  ConVerse – Sufism Today – In Realm Of Love. Rekha Bhardwaj, Rabbi Shergill, Madan Gopal Singh and Jasbir Jassi
                                                                  7.30 PM - 8.30 PM
                                                                  ConVerse - Nude Poems - Vishal Bhardwaj in conversation with Sukrita Paul Kumar
                                                                  2.00 PM - 4.00 PM
                                                                  Nojoto - Kavyanaama
                                                                  4.00 PM - 6.00 PM
                                                                  YourQuote Mark My Words - Poetry Recitals (By Invitation)
                                                                  10.30 AM - 12.00 PM
                                                                  Nojoto Open Mic
                                                                  12.00 PM - 12.45 PM
                                                                  Sound Valley Projekt - A Musical Performance By Saurav Sharma and his band
                                                                  1.00 PM - 1.45 PM
                                                                  Humare Samay Ki Kavita - Manglesh Dabral, Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, Jitendra Srivastava, Rekha Vyas and Sunita Shanoo
                                                                  2.00 PM - 2.45 PM
                                                                  Andaaz-E-Bayaa'n - Poetry Recital by Kanwaljit Singh, Danish Iqbal & K K Kohli
                                                                  3.00 PM - 3.45 PM
                                                                  A Poem Walks With Me – Sukrita Paul Kumar, Keki Daruwalla and Rita Malhotra
                                                                  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM
                                                                  ConVerse - Dilli Meri Jaan - Poets of Delhi - Rakhshanda Jalil, Salim Arif and Gauhar Raza
                                                                  5.15 PM - 7.15 PM
                                                                  Nojoto The Great Poetry Show
                                                                  7.30 PM – 7.45 PM
                                                                  Closing Ceremony
                                                                  8.00 PM - 9.30 PM
                                                                  Qawwali Performance by Qutubi Brothers
                                                                  12.00 PM - 12.45 PM
                                                                  Breaking Sterotypes - Slam Poetry By Women Poets
                                                                  1.00 PM - 1.45 PM
                                                                  Nojoto Open Mic 2
                                                                  2.00 PM - 3.00 PM
                                                                  IPL Finals
                                                                  3.15 PM - 3.45 PM
                                                                  Performance By IIT Groups

                                                                  Poets Corner

                                                                  Poets Corner is a not for-profit, non- governmental organization dedicated to the cause of promoting poetry in the city of Delhi and beyond. Started as an online group in the year 2012 with a group of poets and a Facebook page, it soon grew into a huge organization boasting of more than 24000 poets across the world. As a leading and responsible literary organization, we have published hundreds of poets in our 25 anthologies in English and Hindi and offered platform to various emerging poets through all-the-year-round online and offline activities and events.

                                                                  We are constantly engaged throughout the year to promote poetry through myriad of activities, that culminate into Delhi Poetry Festival – the annual mega poetry extravaganza.

                                                                  Delhi Poetry Festival

                                                                  Poetry is the soul of a civilized society. And celebration of poetry, a sign of its maturity. Poets Corner began this celebration in 2013 by hosting its first edition of Delhi Poetry Festival (DPF).

                                                                  As one of the largest and distinctive multilingual standalone poetry festival, DPF brings together all the facets of poetry curated by the most prolific poets and performers from across the country.

                                                                  The fifth edition shall see an amazing poetry exposition with formats such as Sufi renditions, Poetry & Films, Poetry & Art, Poetry & Music, Performance Poetry, Contests, Discussions on contentious issues around poetry, literature and life, Poetry for & by the college students, Qawwali etc. adding value to one of the biggest poetry celebration of the year.

                                                                  Featuring the best of poets and thinkers, performers and artists, we hope to create a space for you to explore, and get absorbed in the aura of poetry.

                                                                  Newsletter Signup

                                                                  Shortest way to explore what will happen on Ventcamp

                                                                  Indian Poetry League

                                                                  Keeping up with its commitment to promote poetry among the youth, Delhi Poetry Festival has carved a new initiative for college students – Indian Poetry League (IPL)

                                                                  IPL is a 3- tiered poetry contest that culminates at Delhi Poetry Festival. The idea is to expose emerging poets to a larger platform and engage them in a competitive literary activity to bring out their best

                                                                  We have started IPL this year with Delhi-NCR region and hope to expand to other cities soon

                                                                  We hope to witness the emergence of a new generation of prolific poets to mark the future of poetry in India


                                                                  Conversations and Verses – An engaging session that is all about conversations, anecdotes, and discussions around poetry interspersed with poetry recitation.

                                                                  Deep in content, Converse has already become a very popular and well received part of our poetry celebrations


                                                                  Humour is a very significant genre of poetry and literature. Poets use satire to address the social and political issues and connect with masses.

                                                                  Humour can be best used to take poetry to mainstream as it reaches even non-poetry lovers and lure them to the art of poetry

                                                                  DPF curated Haryanvi humour and satire segment at DPF3 and received a packed house. This encouraged us to make humour a regular part of our poetry celebration. DPF5 will see one session on humour poetry on popular demand.


                                                                  We are looking for smart and dynamic boys and girls, men and women, poets and non-poets to help us run this festival smoothly.
                                                                  If you have the inclination, we have the opportunity for you. Come, get involved, participate, learn and experience the organisation of a mega event
                                                                  If you are a blogger, content writer, graphic designer, photographer, event organiser, or if you have good emcee skills, backstage expertise, can be tech-support, do reach out to us.

                                                                  Volunteers receive internship certificates.


                                                                  It is important that you write to us about our programmes – tell us both what you like and want us to keep, and what you’d like us to do differently. If you have concrete suggestions, or ways to help us get there, even better.

                                                                  We look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                  Your Name*

                                                                  Your Phone Number*

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                                                                  Your Feedback*

                                                                  Crowd Funding

                                                                  Because poetry needs more takers and find its way back to mainstream, we are committed to do our bit towards the cause.

                                                                  Poetry needs to be a mega celebration in the city like Delhi which has a rich cultural heritage. We try to organise it in a way the capital city deserves- high in credibility, deep in content.
                                                                  Delhi Poetry Festival is the initiative of Poets Corner, a 12A and 80G certified, non-for-profit, non-governmental organisation.

                                                                  It’s a free-to-attend festival and depends upon sponsorships and donations to run.  If your heart beats for poetry and if you think we are working for the right cause and then, if you have the capacity, do come forward to help us in whatever way you can. Even your little help will go a long way in promoting and preserving our poetic tradition

                                                                  We need your support to give this city a mega celebration of poetry, Delhi’s ancient cultural legacy. Bit by bit, brick by brick, we can successfully build the poetic and cultural property in this city of ours.
                                                                  We need your help to carry out all poetry activities throughout the year. Poets Corner, the parent organisation of Delhi Poetry Festival is an institution. We dedicate our energies to revive, and promote poetry through workshops, poetry open mics, discussions, poetry meets and contests in various venues in Delhi-NCR.  We need your support.
                                                                  Here is what you can do to help us:

                                                                  1. Send us your contributions at donations@delhipoetryfestival.org
                                                                  2. All contributions can be sent favoring Poets Corner (A/c No. 50200003573447 HDFC Bank IFSC Code HDFC0000934).
                                                                  3. Delhi Poetry Festival is the initiative of Poets Corner, a 12A and 80G certified, non-for-profit, non-governmental organization.

                                                                  LET’S CELEBRATE POETRY

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