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Poetry — musings of a lonely soul, solitary whisper of a lost traveler, intimate cajoles of longing hearts; expression divine. The power of poetry can be estimated by the fact that it has been fueling hearts, masses, nations and movements. In India, poetry assumes new hues and shades, of course owing to our rich and colorful cultural tapestry.

To celebrate this wonderful art form, amidst the walls of a city that echoes with immortal rhymes, Delhi, welcome to Delhi Poetry Festival, Season 3.

Over the last couple of years, Delhi Poetry Festival has quietly emerged as the country’s largest poetry festival. This year, the festival is being held over 3 days in December, 18th, 19th and 20th at Siri Fort Auditorium. Spread across 2 auditoria across the lush Siri Fort complex, the festival promises an interpretation of poetry that permeates across various expressions of art.

Delhi Poetry Festival Anthem

From the Founder’s Desk

Delhi Poetry Festival, in its third season, is a small window of a larger vision that aims to bring many a like-minded literary people together. It has always been our objective to dedicate all our energies to promote and rejuvenate poetry in the literary space.

Delhi Poetry Festival visualises a society where every voice is heard and to realise that vision, DPF connects people through the power of poetry. It is our endeavour to enthuse, enlighten and enchant poetry lovers by putting together a platform that provides stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining interactions for all ages and walks of life.

Poetry is a celebration of words- words that aim to inspire and impact. At DPF, we celebrate poetry in all its forms, accompanied by all the elements around it. DPF works to provide a community that exists without biases where every opinion, view and allegiance is respected. I think poetry can help achieve that. It can create a space that is democratic and fearless. Our vision is to lend voice to a poet’s thought. The third edition of Delhi Poetry Festival is a leap of faith. We hope to carry it ahead in the coming years by introducing ideas & interpretations conceptualised in a novel way. With the singular objective of bringing in as many people as possible into the enchanted world of poetry.

Poets Corner, the parent body of Delhi Poetry Festival, envisions a world where words unite, verses connect and languages bond.

– Dolly Singh, Founder & Chairperson



Poets Corner

Poets Corner

Poets Corner is an idea that attempts to bring in a fresh wave of life in literary circles, with special focus on the art of poetry.

Founded in 2012 as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, we have been at the vanguard of promoting and celebrating poetry in a myriad of activities, both offline as well as online. With a Facebook group membership that exceeds 23,000 poets across 21 countries, Poets Corner counts itself amongst one of the leading literary and specially, poetry groups in the country.

As a prolific & responsible literary organization committed to revive and promote the dying art of poetry in India, we have published 22 anthologies featuring over 400 poets so far, 150 of which are previously unpublished, creating a platform for unpublished & emerging poets to be published alongside celebrated poets. Our next 2 anthologies are ready to be released at our forthcoming Delhi Poetry Festival, Season 3.

Headed by Dolly Singh, it envisages reviving, re-fueling and taking poetry to its rightful place — in the hearts and minds of people.

Delhi Poetry Festival

Poetry is the soul of a civilized society. And celebration of poetry, a sign of its maturity. Poets Corner began this celebration in 2013 by hosting its first edition of Delhi Poetry Festival (DPF).

As one of the largest and distinctive standalone poetry festival, DPF brings together all the facets of poetry curated by the most prolific poets and performers from across the country.

The third edition shall see a poetry exposition like never before with segments such as Poetry Plays, Poetry Films, Poetry & Art, Poetry & Music, Performance Poetry, Contests, Poetry for & by the Kids, Mushaira etc. adding value to the biggest poetry celebration of the year.

Featuring the best of poets and thinkers, performers and artists, we hope to create a space for you to explore, and get absorbed in the aura of poetry.

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We welcome volunteers to many of our activities. It’s hard work and a lot of fun – and a great opportunity to be around and learn from some amazing folks.

At this moment, we are looking for volunteers for our upcoming Delhi Poetry Festival, Season 3 on December 18, 19 and 20, 2015. Please write to us at with Subject: INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING. We will get in touch with you immediately. Look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


It is important that you write to us about our programmes – tell us both what you like and want us to keep, and what you’d like us to do differently. If you have concrete suggestions, or ways to help us get there, even better.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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